Custom Dentures

Custom Dentures in Mangilao, Guam - Mangilao Dental ClinicIf you are missing multiple teeth, there are many potential options to replace the spaces. One option is a denture, or wearable false teeth, that can be custom made to fit your mouth. Getting dentures is a process and getting used to them can take time, but they are often highly adjustable and functional, and are also the cheapest option. Dr. Clegg aims to provide honest advice every step of the way, so that you may make an informed decision on what’s best for you!

Full Dentures

If you are missing most teeth or have severe issues with existing teeth, full dentures are both an esthetic and functional option to get back a complete smile. Our team can discuss the pros and cons of a full denture, and take you through the complete process. From extractions to healing to custom fitting the denture, Dr. Clegg will walk you through the entire process to ensure the smoothest transition into your new smile

Immediate Dentures

If you want to get tooth extractions and dentures on the same day, immediate dentures are an option where a denture can be made ready to go for the day the teeth are extracted. This is a great option to maintain appearance and also promote healing after extraction. The downside, however, is a best guess fit due to being made before teeth were removed. This usually means you’ll need to come back to our clinic to have a more permanent set of dentures fitted once the mouth has fully healed.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures clip onto existing teeth in order to provide a cost-effective way to get your missing teeth back, letting you eat, speak and smile normally again without empty spaces. There are different kinds of partials that can be designed, and at Mangilao Dental Clinic we can help guide which options are best for your unique situation.

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