Office Policies and Forms

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COVID 19 Policy and Mask Use

  • Our office prioritizes safety, especially since we work in an oral environment. We closely monitor the status of the pandemic, and follow Gov Guam recommendations for healthcare facilities to continue with mask usage. At this time, masks are not required to visit our clinic. However, we do ask any patients experiencing any suspicious symptoms to practice mask use, for the consideration of our other patients and elderly population. To minimize inconvenience, we are happy to provide masks. Thank you for your understanding

New Patient Exams

  • Your first visit will always consist of an exam, and for that x-rays are required, no exceptions. This is necessary for us to properly diagnose conditions and develop your treatment plan. It is also the law. Comprehensive exams check the entire mouth and determine the type of cleaning best suited for your needs, while limited exams focus on one problem. Same day treatment is NOT GUARANTEED on exam visits, and is subject to available time.

Walk In Visits

  • We accept walk ins and emergencies from 9am to 12pm. However, there will likely be a waiting period since we prioritize our pre-scheduled patients. While we will do our best to provide same day treatment when possible, it is not guaranteed. Patients may receive medications, be referred, or be re-appointed for treatment on another day.

Payments and Insurance

  • Payment is due the day services are rendered. To assist, we accept many insurances, and offer several payment options including cash, debit card, credit card, CareCredit, and split payments for larger treatments.

Scheduling appointments

  • Deposits for treatment may be required for advanced scheduling. Certain procedure appointments will require a $50 deposit or more depending on the type of visit. This secures your reservation, since available time may be limited, and allows us to prepare staff and rooms according to your treatment needs. When a large block of time or major procedure is reserved, prepayment will be requested unless otherwise arranged.


  • Patients are reminded of their appointments 2 weeks before, and again 2 days in advance. We also send email reminders. For this reason, accurate contact information is very important. We kindly request that patients provide confirmation to our reminders so that we may be fully prepared for your visit.

Appointment Changes

  • Our appointments are reserved just for you, so it is important to avoid disruptions to our schedule and your care. Please provide at least 48 hours advance notice of a cancellation or change. We are reachable by phone, email, and messaging (whatsapp, facebook, and instagram)

Broken Appointment Policy

  • Broken or canceled appointments under 24 hours will be charged $50 per hour. Last minute changes and broken appointments negatively affect our office and other patients that need care. Please be considerate and be sure to alert us of changes or special circumstances.
  • Repeated broken visits will result in limiting visits to same day or walk-in openings only

Late Patient Policy

  • Please check in on time or early for your appointment. Late appointments over 15 minutes are considered broken appointments, since they disrupt our schedule. Our ability to see you will not be guaranteed and you may be charged a broken appointment fee
  • Continued excessive lateness will result in appointment restrictions.

Family, multiple, or longer appointments

  • Family or major appointments require a confirmation response. If we cannot reach you and do not receive a response, the appointment will no longer be guaranteed. Scheduling privileges will be lost if broken appointments, no shows, or late shows occur.


  • Please do not bring any guests to your appointment, including children. In light of COVID-19, HIPAA laws, and limited space, additional guests will not be permitted back during appointments except for special needs cases. Please plan accordingly.

Pediatric Patients

Our top priority is to provide a dental experience for children that avoids a traumatic experience. Oftentimes, a child that is put through too much, too soon, can develop a lifelong fear of dentists and severe dental anxiety. For that reason, we focus strongly on parent education, preventative dentistry, and dental techniques that minimize invasiveness. In order for us to treat your child, we ask for your full cooperation in order to provide a safe and positive experience. Please note the following

  • Children ages 7 and under will be planned for nitrous oxide during any dental treatment, which will help encourage a calm and relaxing experience. In some cases, depending on behavior, Dr. Clegg may also need to plan this for older children as well.
  • It is important for us to carefully control the environment during pediatric visits, and for that reason we require parents to stay back in the waiting room during a child’s treatment. Parents may be present during the initial examinations to discuss all aspects of treatment.
  • At all times parents or guardians must always remain in the clinic at hand to be available if needed. If not able to be present, an authorization will be required for the person taking the child to their appointment.
  • Despite our best efforts, there still may be some children that require a greater level of care and expertise than we can provide. Uncooperative children in need that do not respond to our techniques will be referred to a Pediatric Specialist.

We will always put your child’s best interests first and so we are unable to make exceptions to these important points. Should any of our philosophies not align, we would be happy to assist with referral to a pediatric specialist!