Pediatric Dental Care

Dental Care for Children in Mangilao, Guam - Mangilao Dental ClinicAt Mangilao Dental Clinic we know that good oral health and habits begin from a young age. We aim to focus on prevention and be a resource for parents to help build strong smiles for our island’s kids! Whether you’re bringing your baby for their first visit, or you have a teenager in need of routine care, we have got you covered with Dr. Clegg’s gentle and conservative approach to your child’s needs.

The First Appointment

We recommend that a child have their first visit around 1 year old or whenever they get their first tooth, when counseling for prevention with parents is very important. However, it is never too late to get started if you have an older child! Bringing your child for routine visits builds confidence and their comfort with seeing the dentist and creates the best oral health outcomes.

In some cases, children in need of greater levels of care than we can provide may be referred to a Pediatric Specialist. We always put your child’s best interest first should they require advanced care.

Here is what you can expect during your visit:

Nitrous Oxide: Children aged 6 and under will be planned for nitrous oxide to aid in relaxation during dental treatment, and are asked to come in on an empty stomach for an early morning appointment. It is very important for them not to eat prior to their visit otherwise they may get nauseous during the visit

Behavior Management: Our highly trained staff utilize a number of pediatric techniques in order to manage a child’s behavior and let them have the best experience possible. It is important for us to carefully control the environment during visits for their comfort and safety. For this reason, we may request for parents to stay back in the waiting room during the child’s care, but remain at hand if needed. This assessment will be made based on a variety of factors.

Restraints: Our office minimizes the use of restraints in our treatments unless there is an emergency. However, in some cases a child may still need help to stay still during our minimally invasive treatment. We assess the use of restraints for safety on a case by case basis and may refer to a specialist if unable to perform necessary treatment due to behavior.

During all procedures done on children, we ask for parents’ full cooperation in providing the best experience possible, as well as the safest.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

At Mangilao Dental Clinic, our top priority is to provide a dental experience to children that avoids a traumatic experience. A child put through too much, too soon, can develop lifelong dental anxiety. For that reason, we focus strongly on parent education, preventative dentistry, and dental techniques that minimize the use of physical restraints.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

SDF is a treatment that kills cavity causing bacteria on contact, and stops cavities in its tracks with continued applications. While this treatment will stain cavities a dark color, and can be unesthetic at times, it is a great weapon to stop the progression of caries when a patient is too young or not cooperative enough to undergo standard treatments. A treated tooth can be later covered with a tooth colored filling to restore the teeth fully.

Stainless Steel Crowns

When there is a large cavity, stainless steel crowns are ideal for repairing the damaged baby tooth. The cemented crown drowns out bacteria on the decaying tooth, and can work very well in conjunction with SDF to stop caries and preserve the tooth until they naturally come out.

Dental Emergencies

When your child has a hurting tooth, our top priority will be to prevent serious infection and get your child out of pain. We assess your child’s situation and offer honest advice about treatment options.


Also known as a baby root canal, this treatment allows a tooth to be kept until it is time for it to fall out. If a tooth is lost too early, often the child’s oral development will be affected, and it can lead to an increased likelihood of needing braces.


Sometimes it is unavoidable to require pulling a tooth. At Mangilao Dental Clinic we do our best to complete the process safely and quickly for your child, and leave them with a gift for the tooth fairy.

Space Maintainers

It is important to prevent the shifting teeth that can occur in a child that lost their baby teeth early. Space Maintainers fill this role, and can decrease the likelihood of needing braces in the future. Call us right away if your child has lost a tooth so we can assess what is needed to keep their development on track.

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