Preventative Dentistry

Keep Your Mouth Healthy!

Dental Exams and Cleanings in Mangilao, Guam - Mangilao Dental ClinicPrevention is the most important part of dentistry, and the heart of Dr. Clegg’s conservative approach. With regular checkups and proper hygiene, most problems can be avoided. Preventative treatments also help maintain a strong healthy smile! Call us at (671) 969-4242 to schedule your visit today!

Dental Checkups

During our exams, Dr. Clegg will thoroughly examine you to catch dental problems before they become serious. Visits every 6 months are the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and are essential for kids and adults.

Hygiene & Cleanings

Professional cleanings are necessary to get the areas you miss and keep your mouth looking and feeling good! In addition to removing plaque and tartar, we also use professional grade equipment to polish your teeth and keep your smile bright. We are always checking for signs of gum disease to make sure you are healthy.

Fluoride Treatment

Reverse the damage of early decay and prevent its progression! Tooth decay starts with a soft spot and turns into an irreversible cavity. Fluoride treatments strengthen these areas to help reverse early decay and prevent cavities overall!

Tooth Sealants

Sealants are a special barrier applied to the grooves of your teeth. These grooves often collect bacteria and turn into cavities, especially in children. The sealant effectively shields the tooth from bacteria and food, allowing you to prevent the formation of cavities.

Oral Cancer Screenings

At Mangilao Dental Clinic we always conduct oral cancer screenings as a part of our six-month visits and is especially important for smokers or Betel Nut chewers on island. Without these visits, oral cancer may often go undetected until it has reached stage III or IV and spread throughout the body. Early detection is key for a good prognosis for oral cancer!